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A word from AMRA’s President and Vice President

A word from the President and Vice President of AMRA   You may have seen us talking about our annual dinner lately. We host this dinner once a year as our major fundraiser to fund what we, as volunteers do

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Do you want AMRA to keep fighting for your public lands? Come to our big dinner!

Annual AMRA Dinner September 23rd, Auburn CA Gold Country Fairgrounds Doors open at 5pm Well, the date is set, the catered dinner is ordered, the free beer and wine is chilling and the festivities are set to take place September

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Gun raffle to help our local community after the devastating Detwiler Fire

As most of you know, we had one helluva fire up near our home base close to Yosemite. Many of our friends lost everything in their fridge and freezer, some lost their pets, some lost their land and some even

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AMRA Outing June 24th and 25th near Coulterville CA

Have you ever wanted your own gold claim?   How about a new 9mm handgun?   New mining supplies?   What if you could get these for just $1.00?   Well you can. Come to our public outing in just

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Do you get poison oak? Read this…….

Hate poison oak as much as we do? Then here is a post you will want to share with anyone who goes out in the woods. Now is the time when poison oak is growing like a weed. From Washington

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Are you frustrated?

Frustrated? Want to get away? Our claim(s) called “The Office” are cleared, cleaned and set up for the free and open to the public outing this weekend. Come up, find gold, have fun and you don’t have to endure the

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AMRA’s first public outing of the year in two days!

We are setting up tomorrow at our claim called “The Office” for our first public outing of the year! Directions below. Is it free? Yes Is there water? Yes, Bull Creek is flowing great. Is there camping? Yes, a huge

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AMRA Outing April 1st and 2nd at our Office claims

Our first outing of the year is just a week away!  This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to show up, there is no cost and camping is plentiful!  We will have all the AMRA staff there to

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AMRA’s 2017 schedule for outings and shows

AMRA’s 2017 schedule for outings and shows. If you’d like to volunteer for an event, please let us know which event you can help at and how many in your group which can volunteer. March 2017 ● 11-12 GPAA Gold

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Huge announcement: AMRA is putting on a giant “Gold and Great Outdoor Show”

HERE IS OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AMRA is pleased to announce that we are putting on our own GOLD & GREAT OUTDOORS SHOW, September 23rd-24th at the Auburn Fairgrounds in conjunction with our ANNUAL DINNER on Saturday night. We have reserved

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Gold and Great Outdoor Show

Welcome to AMRA’s first Gold and Great Outdoor show! On September 23-24, 2017, AMRA will be joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts in the largest Gold and Great Outdoors Show at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ca.

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