2 weeks ago
What's In The Big Gun Rights Case The Supreme Court Just Took

This is a very important case and one we all should be following.

The case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Corlett, represents the first time in more than a decade that the high court will hear a Second Amendment case.

2 weeks ago
What is a suction dredge?

When we talk about suction dredging, many don't know what a dredge is, how it operates and what it removes. This very short video explains how they work.

The radical environmentalists would have ... See more

AMRA presented this video to the California Water Board on SB637, a scheme to further regulate suction dredges.Suction dredges create fish habitat, clean the...

2 weeks ago

We wanted to remind everyone there is a big swap meet this weekend in Brentwood CA (May 1st) hosted by our buddies over at East Bay Prospectors.

2 weeks ago
Amador, Sutter counties move to orange tier; Sacramento County stuck in red

15 days to slow the spread, remember that?

California's reopening tier adjustments were announced Tuesday with few counties moving to less restrictive placements.

2 weeks ago

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May 14th - 16th Always free! Always fun! Sign-up for the Miner's dinner/breakfast and maximize your goldmining time!

2 weeks ago

Some pretty exciting news.......

AMRA has just obtained two very good placer claims in Montana! One of the primary reasons it takes years sometimes to get claims in a particular state is because we ... See more

3 weeks ago
Biden taps Montana environmentalist for US public lands boss - Breitbart

Radical environmental activist nominated by Mr. Biden for head of the BLM. BLM oversees and regulates mining claims and public lands.

Stone-Manning, 55, spent the past four years at the National ... See more

A longtime environmental advocate and Democratic aide has been nominated by President Joe Biden to oversee roughly a quarter-billion acres of federally

3 weeks ago
President Joe Biden warns that Fourth of July celebrations might not happen if Americans refuse COVID-19 shots

Mr. Biden is still claiming we will need his permission and the vaccine to celebrate our independence from tyranny....the 4th of July.

No Mr. Biden, we will not be asking for permission and we find ... See more

Wait, though, didn't he recently say otherwise?

3 weeks ago
Photos from American Mining Rights Association's post

Every once in a while, you get a little more than you bargained for. That's certainly the case for Steve in Arizona. Today was his first day prospecting- ever. Fortunately, it won't be his last. Boy ... See more

3 weeks ago
Caitlin Jenner Files to Run for Governor of California in Gavin Newsom Recall

Oh boy.

Caitlin Jenner filed paperwork to run for Governor of California in the upcoming recall election against incumbent Gavin Newsom.