23 hours ago
Antifa Violent National Autonomous Day of Action Planned - The Kids Won't Be Quiet, They're Going To Start A Riot

This is what is being taught to our youth. Stay safe folks, they truly want America to be torn down.

From the article:

“We’re calling for an autonomous day of action. A day of creation and ... See more

ANTIFA is planning another day of chaos and destruction. They’re calling it the “Autonomous Day of Action” and it’s scheduled for March 6th. The video posted is an advertisement for the ... See more

1 day ago
Mining magnets: Arctic island finds green power can be a curse

A very good read.

This one paragraph kind of sums up where we're currently at:

The metals are abundant globally, but processing them is difficult and dirty - so much so that the United States, ... See more

In the tenth century, Erik the Red, a Viking from Iceland, was so impressed with the vegetation on another Arctic island he had found he called it "the green land." Today, it's Greenland's rocks that ... See more

2 days ago
App Will Soon Unleash Deepfake Videos That Can Frame Anyone

This isn't going to end well. One helluva read:

MetaHuman Creator lets any dummy create deepfakes for fun. Before long, only a fool will believe anything he sees online.

2 days ago
The Mount Graham Affair | The dispute over a small bible camp in Arizona

Hello friends! Take a look at this!

The incredible story behind the fight to save a small church camp near Safford Arizona and the affair over the Mount Graham Red Squirrel.

2 days ago
BREAKING: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Ends Mandatory Mask Mandate: ‘Time To Open Texas 100%’


Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, announced on Tuesday afternoon that he is signing an executive order that will lift the state's mandatory mask

3 days ago
Upcoming 2021 American Mining Rights Association

Bill explains our outing in Arizona on March 20th at Jackass Flats.

Public is welcome, you do not need to be a member and the camp can be accessed by any vehicle.

We are announcing our next outing and it's going to be a big one down in Arizona!We've got some pretty big names who will be there, Bill Southern, Bryan Wild...

3 days ago
The Stacy Nicole Mine an AMRA video

Our newest video....

Testing the Stacy Nicole Mine

We explore and test our latest find and have named this mine the "Stacy Nicole" after our dear Stacy with AMRA.It is rich.....very rich.Join AMRA, a not-for-...

3 days ago
‘Personal Bailout For Bureaucrats’: Democrat Stimulus Pays Big Bucks To Federal Employees

9% of the so called China-virus stimulus bill goes to actually help folks and businesses suffering from the lockdowns and economic downturns created by government. Now they are giving federal ... See more

A provision buried in the COVID-19 relief bill has been criticized as "a personal bailout for bureaucrats" for carving out enhanced paid time off for federal employees, a boost not offered to ... See more

4 days ago

After being banned off our own Youtube account by Google, personal moves, computer crashes and camera destruction issues.....we are finally about to release some of the videos we've shot over the ... See more

4 days ago
House approves bill to create 1.5 million acres of new wilderness in California, other states

Horrendous for public land users.

Lock it up, lock it all up is their goal.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House passed legislation Friday that would create about 1.5...

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