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We wanted to highlight a conversation we had with a rock hounding group out of Utah yesterday as it is precisely why so many roads are being closed and why people are bowing to over-regulation due to ... See more

1 day ago

Powerful picture from one of the California fires of a firefighter and the fawn he rescued.

1 day ago

America is sick of America hating people.

1 day ago

Perhaps we are in the wrong business. Yes, this is actually real.

3 days ago

The flag is racist.

Then National Anthem is offensive.

The word “patriot” is a code word used by hate groups.

We are all being labeled as "dangerous hate groups" now.

4 days ago

Photo contest:

We are working on a video project surrounding over-regulation on water which impacts farmers, ranchers, miners and many others.

The overlords in Washington DC and past presidents ... See more

6 days ago

One of the best explanations of just how bad the Wild and Scenic bill is in Oregon.

S. 192, also known as the “River Democracy Act,” would apply half-mile buffer restrictions to proposed ... See more

1 week ago

Occasionally we have one of our members who donated access to one of their mining claims to AMRA and have the need to sell it. This is one of those cases and we are helping him with listing ... See more

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You're going to want to read this....

We all know what California does, Oregon follows. What Oregon does, California gets jealous of the Authoritarianism and follows...then Washington, then ... See more