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Why join AMRA?

Simply put, AMRA will defend your right to access and use your public lands.  We will defend your right to prospect and mine on your public lands.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit company in which the proceeds will be used strictly for these purposes.

Our opposition, has very deep pockets and will not stop with their lobbying of our Representatives with their environmental, solar, green and restrictive agenda.  They have the ear of our lawmakers.  Therefore, the attack on our access and mining rights will not diminish in the near future, in fact, we believe it will dramatically increase.  Our community has not united, but they have.

We were formed with people just like you who are deeply concerned with the direction we seem to be heading in America.  Do you think it is going to get better or worse?

We understand in today’s economy that money is tight, it is for all of us.  Even if you do not donate to AMRA, please come to us for information and solutions on how to combat the loss of our rights.  Never before has it become more important to have your voice heard.

There are two ways to join us.  Come to us for information and keep informed, or donate to us and help us to build up our defenses against over burdensome regulations, laws and restrictions and to keep your rights.  We are opening up our proven claims for a year for donations over $200 per year or you can select the lifetime membership for $2500.  Remember, even $5.00 will help us help you.

Please join us and let us unite in preserving what we have, before it is gone.


1) A person can make a donation to AMRA without gaining access to the claims (any denomination), CLICK ON “MAKE A DONATION”.

2) A person can click on “BECOME A MEMBER” and gain access to all of AMRA claims.  3 payment option available.  CLICK ON “BECOME A MEMBER”.



For a donation of $200 or more we will give you access to the gold claims for 1 year.
All proceeds go to your legal fund to fight for your rights.

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