Supreme Court slaps the EPA which will help dredging

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled against the EPA and reigned in the massive power grab they have been doing for decades with the CWA (Clean Water Act) which really started under the Obama Administration and redefinitions of the WOTUS rule (Waters of the United States).
The decision yesterday was unanimous against the EPA and even prompted nutbags like Chuck Schumer to declare the Supreme Court was MAGA….including the left leaning judges.
Declaring almost all waters in America “navigable” was the power grab and those days are now gone for the EPA.
This significantly helps the Poe v ICL dredge case out of Idaho currently at the 9th Circuit Court. Dredging does not pollute as nothing is added and one should receive a waiver for that activity.
Thank you Pacific Legal Foundation for winning the Sackett case and reigning in this agency.

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