Oak Fire and Pomona GPAA Show

Oak Fire and Pomona Gold Show:
We are home from the Pomona GPAA show this weekend and wanted to thank Jerrimy for volunteering all weekend, you were awesome buddy and we sure appreciate the help. It sure was humbling to have so many people over the two days stop by and support AMRA, sincerely……thank you. The Roaring Camp trips we gave away were a huge hit along with the Screamer Mine specimens.
Also to Route 66 and their crew for helping load the trailer when yet another fire broke out in our backyard yesterday and was the determining factor in me immediately heading home after the raffle. The Route 66 folks are second to none…truly.
We may be posting quite a bit about the Oak fire in Mariposa county now. Our close buddy Dave Varabioff from Gold Bay has his mine and home threatened due to this fire (it’s about a mile away from his place) and our other mining partner/buddy JD is on a dozer as I type this down in some canyon surrounded by flames trying to save Mariposa.
We are hopping on our dozer and are going to see what we can do to make sure the fire break along the Texas Hill ridge is in good shape for our little community of Greeley Hill CA.

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