Update on the hearing at the Capital on SB1222

From the desk of Shannon Poe, President, AMRA:   I’ll get to the meat of what transpired at the state capital yesterday shortly, but first of all would like to thank many who supported this bill and the immense amount

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A decade long study on logging in OR proves it doesn’t hurt fish habitat if done correctly

This has some far reaching conclusions which should also impact small mining.  A 10 year study on the impacts of logging has concluded that it does not harm fish of fish habitat. For the complete article, click OSU study on trout

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AMRA outing is just 7 days away!

Our first outing of the year is just a week away.!  Remember, these outings are free, are open to the public and is for Saturday April 7th and Sunday April 8th. New to prospecting or curious? Let us know and

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AMRA steps up to represent two miners in Nor Cal

9 months ago AMRA was contacted by 2 miners who were on their claim in Northern California. One man was running a sluice upstream and one man was running a high banker downstream. A DFW (Fish and Wildlife) Law Enforcement

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A Latter-Day Miner Still Chasing The Gold Rush Dream

Last fall we took a reporter from KQED in the Bay area of California out to hunt for some gold.  Here is his article: Right after we meet, Shannon Poe asks me if I’m a) allergic to poison oak and

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CALL TO ACTION FOR ALL AMRA MEMBERS AND IDAHO RESIDENTS: We have long talked about RS2477 and the closure of your public roads by regulatory and management agencies. We have good news to report! Representative Priscilla Giddings of Idaho has

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Are you a serious miner?

Serious dredgers………… We met some folks at the show in Pomona this past weekend who are as serious about dredging as we are. They are Gold Fever Prospecting out of Chicken Alaska. Picture taken directly from their website This is

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Oregon is officially out of control

I grew up in Oregon and loved that state. Over the past few decades, the state has changed politically and quite dramatically.   They have effectively, like California, banned or are attempting to ban most methods of small mining in

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