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About the swamp and companies closing your lands…

When we post calls to action and request you to comment to BLM, USFS or whoever needs to hear your voice on an issue is the single most frustrating thing we here at AMRA experience. Making your voice heard is

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RS2477 will let us open back up our roads

We have spoken of RS2477 many times before and in our videos. Revised Statute 2477 is part of FLPMA (Federal Land Policy and Management Act) passed in 1976 and mandated roads prior to this act remain open. We will be

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Small scale gold mining IS a matter of national security

Recently, I had a debate with someone over whether the benefits of small scale gold mining was a matter of national security. It is, and it is undeniable. The vast majority of the gold mined in the world comes from

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Part 2 of AMRA’s new video “Ghost Mine Part 2” here to read more

USFS in Idaho in yet another land grab….ACTION REQUIRED

How long does it take you to open an email window and send an email two sentences long? One minute? Two?   This is what we are asking you to do and to oppose a new Wild and Scenic proposal

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Study focuses on restoring Yuba River, with $97M worth of proposals identified

Welfare Queens? More of the same. If tax money (public money) were removed from this environmental scam, these radical environmental groups would have to close shop and go get a real job. Their dependence on the government is absurd. They

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The plight of the California miner

In this article by Brad Jones, he outlines just what happened in California on the suction dredge fight.  Great read. Supreme Court deals a blow to California mining rights Or for the complete article, click

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Collusion between USFS and Enviro group exposed

This article is a glaring example how our agencies tasked with managing our lands have become political activists. We are seeing this in Idaho, in California, in Oregon, in Washington and in Montana….and that are just the states we are

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A big day for Brandon Rinehart

Update on Brandon Rinehart’s Supreme Court case: Today is a big day. Brandon’s case is scheduled for conference. We should all know if SCOTUS is going to “hear” Brandon’s case sometime early next week. The core issue is whether or

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A great research website and tool for mining

One of our staff members found this website and man do we love it. It is a historical site of mines, placers and mining towns in the West.   Although the exact accuracy of the mines we have been researching

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