SF Clearwater update and California dredging for 2019

Update from the SF Clearwater, Idaho And an update about dredging in California in 2019 We had a meeting with Idaho Dept of Water Resources yesterday in Boise over our notices that we were out of compliance (remember, these are

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SFCW Update

Update:   Yes folks, we are aware of the article out of Spokane which appears to be distributed by the Lewiston far left media. Our thoughts…pffft. We have given quite a few interviews and you’ll be seeing them shortly. The

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Clearwater update:

I have just received an email from IDWR (Idaho Department of Water Resources) and they are denying me the right to mine my claim about 30′ from their “approved area” they designated. They have not given me a reason, just

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Idaho Dredging Update

South Fork Clearwater update, July 26:   Yet another day partially missed to deal with this USFS nonsense. We drove to Grangeville to call a gentleman in Missoula MT at the regional HQ for the USFS. He was cordial, but

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Hello from Idaho dredge camp

Hello from the South Fork Clearwater. Firstly, we’d like to remind everyone internet is quite a ways away from our claim and our camp so we cannot get emails, therefore the hundreds I am getting with go unanswered for a

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Idaho Dredge Update, Sunday July 22.

Update Sunday, July 22nd, 12:45 pm:   Yesterday little brown envelopes were placed on several of our vehicles. In those were several things.   1) a “warning notice” from the LEO stating we were dredging without a PoO and which,

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Things are getting interesting here in Idaho

We wanted to give you an update here in Idaho. Things are beginning to get very interesting.   Last night, we were approached by the USFS LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) who informed us that we will be required to accept

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Colorado is now challenging the Feds over road closures

We here at AMRA strive to educate our followers, members and friends on what their rights are.   If you do not know what RS2477 is, you need to.   RS2477, a subpart of the 1866 Mining Grant states roads

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A quick update on some issues:

Update on some current issues:   We are packing today for our trip to Idaho and the South Fork Clearwater. We have been informed the USFS is not backing down on their ridiculous assertion that suction dredgers must pull a

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