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Italian Bar clean-up is now officially postponed to a later date to be determined….but soon. This is a decision we put a lot of thought into and it was unanimous.
It’s simply going to be too dangerous. We lost our excavator which was coming, we lost two dump trailers and it’s likely to rain 2 1/2 inches tomorrow. The road in and out is going to be too dangerous. Being along the river collecting trash is going to be too dangerous. Hiking up and down the banks is too dangerous. Plus it will be a sticky, muddy mess and we are concerned vehicles will get stuck and we’ll have to spend time getting them unstuck. We even lost one of our right hand men, Jeff Mcauliff who’s sicker than a dog right now.
We will clean this disaster up folks, we absolutely promise we will.
Thank you to the volunteers who were willing to brave this upcoming storm, but we can’t have anyone getting hurt.
We will post the new date as soon as we can establish one.

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