Walk 4 Water Rights

Many will remember two of our AMRA staff walked 312 miles, the entire length of highway 49 two years ago in protest of over-regulation and to unite everyone to fight this totalitarian insanity we see today.
Well, we are walking again…….this time from Barstow CA, starting on Sunday October 17th, the last day of our Oktoberfest outing (October 15th to October 17th at Slash X, 7 miles south of Barstow). We are going to walk all the way to Oakdale CA, the heart of farm country in California. Oktoberfest is one of our largest events of the year with a metal detecting hunt, huge dinner, enormous raffle with guns, tons of mining equipment and more. You need to be there.
We must join hands with the farmers, the ranchers, the loggers, the miners, the off-roaders and everyone who is fed up with losing our country.
If you are unwilling to stand up and fight, support someone who stands up for you…..

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