Italian Bar disaster update

Well folks, persistence pays off and after more than a year, we are finally going to clean up the disaster we’ve all been disgusted by down on Italian Bar along the Stanislaus river. The illegal occupiers are gone and man did they leave a mess.
It is now time to return this amazing canyon back to the people it was intended for…..YOU. When we get done, there won’t be so much as a cigarette butt to be found.
We are having another discussion today with the USFS about the planning of the clean-up and will be putting this on our calendar soon. We will most likely be looking at early November.
We are going to need many volunteers and are also looking for some donations to pay for the dumping of the trash/junk we will have to haul out of there. If you want to volunteer, as many of you did, please just comment below and we’ll add you to the list.
Below is a donation link and honestly we won’t need much, but a few thousand would be nice to pay for food/drinks for the volunteers, dump fees (the big expense), garbage bags, diesel and some specialty tools to pick up some of the hazardous items.
We are also looking for some additional folks with dump trailers (we have some as well), a mini-excavator and maybe a bobcat or backhoe locally or someone who can transport one to the site.
If you can’t go to help, please send a quick $20 or something to help this cause.

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