Update on USFS citation of AMRA President Poe

Back in May of this year we posted about how the USFS cited AMRA President Shannon Poe for “defrauding an inn keeper” over an absurd claim by them that a claim owner must pay a $7 fee to a third party garbage collection agency while on their mining claim.
Yes, it was absurd and the USFS knew it. The case was scheduled to go to the San Luis Obispo court and like we expected, and the D.A. expected…..the USFS did not file any documents with the District Attorney on the case so it has been dropped.
This is what AMRA does, stand up for the little guy and the simple fact that this even happened when it is such a blatant violation of one’s civil rights is alarming. These people, like the LEO who cited Poe need to be held accountable for knowingly violating his rights. They should be sued individually since the LEO was given direct and constructive notice he was violating Poe’s rights. The LEO was provided this year AND last year, all of the information, links and documents which prove the LEO had no authority to harass and detain for this ridiculous claim. The LEO ignored his duty to understand the laws which govern him. His intentional failure to read, know and understand the regulations he was claiming to enforce is no excuse for him to violate anyone’s rights.
Until employees within these agencies are accountable for their actions, we will continue to see them do harmful acts like this citation. We are continuing our pursuit of the USFS/BLM/EPA Accountability Act we introduced 2 1/2 years ago, right before Covid. Simply stated, if the employee/agent knowingly violate someone’s rights, operate outside the scope and course of their employment…..they are fired and lose their pension.
So today……..is a win for the little guy.

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