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CALL TO ACTION: Road closure proposal in Arizona

CALL TO ACTION…..ARIZONA:   Are you sick of the USFS closing your access to public lands? For those in Arizona, you CAN stop the latest attempt at closing tons of roads in the Tonto NF.   We’ve been talking about this closure for over a week now and have partnered with Kevin Allard, founder of […]

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Arizona USFS proposes sweeping public land road closures

Just over a year ago when we were in Arizona for the GPAA gold show we were contacted by some miners who told us the BLM was closing hundreds of thousands of acres of roads. These were roads off-roaders, miners, hikers, hunters and others used to access their public lands. Uniting everyone against that proposal […]

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Arizona road closures and the BLM ignoring state law

Currently proposed Arizona road closures by BLM and what to do about them:   We are currently in Arizona and spoke at the GPAA Gold Fever West Valley Chapter last night about a new proposal by the BLM to close 505 miles of of public land roads under their Travel Management Plan. Most of these […]

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