CALL TO ACTION: Road closure proposal in Arizona

Are you sick of the USFS closing your access to public lands? For those in Arizona, you CAN stop the latest attempt at closing tons of roads in the Tonto NF.
We’ve been talking about this closure for over a week now and have partnered with Kevin Allard, founder of Arizona Backcountry Explorers on a detailed solution. Kevin has spent an exhaustive amount of time putting together this plan of action on what you can do today.
The ideologues in these agencies rely upon you being complacent, not making calls, not doing anything except being an internet warrior. We are calling each of the representatives listed in his post this morning and we ask you to do the same.
Arizona is a rare state, they actually passed a bill a few years ago reasserting RS2477 in the state, something we’ve written about extensively. Ask them why the federal government (USFS) is ignoring state law, federal law (RS2477 and the mining grants).
Make the calls or let the USFS close Arizona, it’s really that simple.
Here is the link to Arizona Backcountry Explorers and what you can do today:

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