AMRA Alaska

South Fork Clearwater tributary running like chocolate milk…but not from Mother Nature

From one of our mining buddies in Idaho: South Fork Clearwater confluence with Crooked River Oh my God! Will you look at that… Just another successful project by the Be a Perce Tribe. This is the turbidity level at the mouth of Crooked River this morning where it joins the South Fork of the Clearwater […]

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We are heading to Alaska to dredge in just 23 days

We are just 23 days from leaving for our Alaska dredge trip at Gold Fever Prospecting out of Chicken on the 40 mile river!   There are 12 of us going (not an AMRA funded trip) and we are planning on running a 10″, an 8″ and three 6″ dredges for two weeks. The crew […]

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Dredge trip to Alaska!

Two weeks dredging in Alaska………   12 of us have pulled the trigger and have booked a two week dredge trip at Gold Fever Prospecting in Alaska. We will be going on the 8th of June and be there for two weeks.   They offer all inclusive trips, food, lodging and they supply the dredges, […]

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