Dredge trip to Alaska!

Two weeks dredging in Alaska………
12 of us have pulled the trigger and have booked a two week dredge trip at Gold Fever Prospecting in Alaska. We will be going on the 8th of June and be there for two weeks.
They offer all inclusive trips, food, lodging and they supply the dredges, high bankers and all mining equipment. Dredges from a 3″ all the way up to a V-6 operated 10″.
We have all individually paid for the trip (AMRA is not paying anything) and we will be shooting many, many videos with the 6″, 8″ and 10″ dredges up there. We are also going to try and do nightly live broadcasts using the satellite internet of our cleanups and other mining activity here on Facebook.
We plan to run two 6’s, the 8 and the 10 with 4 small crews every day. We believe we can pay for our trip with gold and doing the math, it is going to take pounds of gold.
Mat and Ginger (the owners of the camp/business are looking for a full time cook up there so if you’re interested in being a cook in a mining camp near Chicken Alaska, reply to this post and they will contact you.
This is going to be an epic trip.
Or, for Gold Fever Alaska, click HERE

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