We are heading to Alaska to dredge in just 23 days

We are just 23 days from leaving for our Alaska dredge trip at Gold Fever Prospecting out of Chicken on the 40 mile river!
There are 12 of us going (not an AMRA funded trip) and we are planning on running a 10″, an 8″ and three 6″ dredges for two weeks. The crew up there (Mat Fontes, Scotty Ford and our own John Ratley) are working feverishly right now to get us satellite internet and we plan to broadcast LIVE each night of our clean outs. We are also taking every one of our cameras and plan on several videos of various types of mining including high banking, dredging, blasting and even metal detecting.
Our dredge crew:
Jim Hamilton (the brain)
Jere Clements (the pretty one)
Don Siegel (the deer)
Shannon Poe (the joker)
Britt Ketchum (the McGuyver)
Zak Ketchum (the McGuyver 2)
Jack Johnson (the male model)
Joe Lema (the comedian)
Josh Johnson (the smart ass)
Joe Harrison (the beast)
Tom Mitchell (the law)
Jeff Baraglia (the bear)
This is the trip of a lifetime and we are not going to be measuring the gold in ounces, but pounds….and you will be right there with us thanks to technology. Mark your calendar, June 7th the live broadcasts begin. Since we have about 16 hours of daylight, we plan on dredging until we drop…or Joe Lema gets us all arrested.
Here’s a link to Mat and Gingers amazing dredge camp.

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