New Outing Date

We have another outing planned and want to see everyone there!
Members, non-members, kids, general public, all are welcome.

This outing is open to everyone for FREE! YES FREE!

August 8th-9th at “The Office” Back to work NO! This is the name of the claim about 20 miles East of Coulterville. There is still good gold there and we must clean it all out! There will most likly be NO water so bring your own and we will also bring some to use for recirculating.

Our last outing had a tremendous amount of people. Lets make this one even bigger….

I expect beautiful weather and water in the creek.

Join us for some family fun, great prizes and gold gettin or just sitting around and BSing with everyone. If you missed the last outing because of whatever, then join us for this one, and for all you folks that started good holes this is your chance to get to the bottom or just start a new hole next the the last one.
Bring your RV’s camping gear, mining gear and some good food,
There is plenty of room for everyone. We had such a great time meeting new people and seeing our friends,at the last outing, we are super excited to do it again!

If you are new to mining and need some training, then come on out for the day or overnight and receive training from well experienced miners that are happy to help you understand how to look for and pan your very own gold.

Keep the gold you find and please remember to take out more then you brought in.

Anyone having items to donate for our giveaway, to help generate funds for out fight contact me Jon Siptrott, DO IT NOW! AMRA would love to thank you and your business on the AMRA Facebook page where we can get up to 11,000 views, also your business might be added to our Supporters page on our website, so donate big to get your spot.
For any questions, please email me Jon Siptrott, Outing Coordinator at
See you soon!

Jon Siptrott

Paid cash 5/7/14 through John Ratley.

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