Dredging hypocrisy

Here is how you spell hypocrisy:
The recent flooding in Montana will be good for fish. The sediment which washed down for hundreds of miles, the turbidity which turned the river chocolate milk is GOOD for fish.
But dredging, which makes a little plume for 100 feet destroys all fish habitat and must be eliminated.
Tired of this yet?
From the article:

Catastrophic flooding destroyed roads, bridges, and houses across southwest Montana this week. But did it destroy fish habitat too?

Not quite. Experts said in all likelihood, the fish are going to be fine — and in a few years, they might even be better off because of the flooding.

Scott Opitz, the upper Yellowstone River fisheries biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said that, in general, fish are really good at surviving flood events. Still, he added that this flood was at a magnitude never seen before, so it’s “hard to say” how the fish have fared.

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