What a gold dredge is

Turn A Profit By Using A Gold Dredge

“There’s gold in dem’ there hills!” That one statement has led many men to fortune. But, quite often, the fortune was not in the hills, but in the creeks and rivers running down them. By grabbing a pan, and diving in many people have found riches, but they also missed a lot of potential wealth, that was literally washed down the river. Traditional pan mining is a highly labor intensive way to mine a river, and requires many men to turn a profit. By using a gold dredge you can easily mine the gold, with fewer employees than pan mining.

What Exactly Is A Gold Dredge

A gold dredge is an automated system designed to separate gold flakes from the rest of the soil/raw material from the stream.  Dredges are perfect for large scale mining operations with the minimum amount of employees possible.

Soil and materials are deposited into the top of the dredge using suction. The dredge then separates the larger materials from the gold flakes, and drops them into a sluice that removes the smaller materials.

Step By Step Process Of A Gold Dredge:

  • Draws up soil using a large suction nozzle and hose with a filter for separating our large rocks.
  • Larger dredges have a shaker to separate larger materials from the gold flakes automatically. This provides an extra step of separation before the materials are moved to an agitator.
  • Both smaller and larger dredges have agitators that  separate the gold flakes out from the larger materials most of which then have to be removed by hand.
  • With a larger dredge large rocks can automatically be dropped from the agitator onto a conveyor belt, which will dump it further down the stream.
  • The gold flakes and smaller material will then be dropped into a sluice box. Using the water current from the stream the sluice box will finish the separation of the gold flakes.

Getting The Most From Your Gold Dredge

To get the most from your gold dredge you need to know what areas have the best chance of producing gold. Just knowing areas where you can stake a claim is not enough.

You need relevant information on which streams have been recently mined, and the best areas of those streams to mine. A gold club can provide you with this information and more.

Being a member of a gold club allows you to get information from experts who have been there before.

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