We are back from Idaho

We are now back from Idaho.

We wanted to thank all the miners who stood up to this unbelievable illegal activity by the USFS in Idaho over the past two weeks.

Here’s where we are and where we are going now:

We are going after Clint Hughes individually. We are going after the USFS. We are right, have the law on our side and enough is enough of these management agencies who work for us, get paid by us and manage our lands telling us we cannot mine our real property mining claims based on their political ideology.

We have documented 4 separate cases where the USFS has not just overstepped their authority, but have completely ignored the Constitution, their own regulatory instruments and have blatantly violated the civil rights of small miners. This, allowed to go unchecked will result in even more “takings” of people’s rights. Do you want this?

We must stand together, partner with other groups, whether they are miners, hikers, hunters, fishermen or boaters. This type of tyranny affects all of us. Everyone needs to support this litigation, remember even a dollar will help stop this insanity.

We are not going to outline every little thing we are doing on this issue, but know that we have a sound direction, have a solid foundation based on law and will prevail period. We won’t tip our hand right yet, but as God is our witness, we are not going to allow this to go unchecked. It is time these people are held accountable by those who own the lands………the public.

Come out this weekend to our public outing, anyone and everyone is invited….for free to mine on 5 of our claims. You can meet AMRA, see our direction and we give away some amazing prizes in our drawings. The outing information is posted on this Facebook page and also on our website.

Join us, donate and get access to our claims, or just make a donation and help us stop this insanity.

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  1. Nice summary Shannon, I sincerely appreciate all the miners out there who are holding their ground and preserving our mineral recovery rights.

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