USFS closed roads

USFS proposing making another million acres wilderness.

News from the Wilderness FrontHot off the press, courtesy of the Challis Messenger. The news story linked below was printed about a month after the December 13th meeting sponsored by the Forest Service to present their findings regarding areas under consideration for additional Wilderness designation. According to the 2012 Planning Rule, Forest Management Act and […]

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Forest Service defines an oxymoron

Only the USFS could come up with this oxymoron. Definition of oxymoron plural oxymora play \ˌäk-si-ˈmȯr-ə, -sē-\ :a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness); broadly Gate the roads to keep the public off of their own lands, then encourage the public to use the roads they can’t access. Public service advertising […]

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Utah case will have dramatic impacts on our public road use, and it’s GOOD news!

We have opined, written articles, gave speeches and so many presentations over the years on RS2477 (Revised Statute 2477) we’ve lost count. In a landmark ruling just a few days ago by the Utah Supreme Court, roads that existed prior to 1976 are valid and the Federal government cannot close them claiming they “own” them. […]

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