USFS proposing making another million acres wilderness.

News from the Wilderness Front
Hot off the press, courtesy of the Challis Messenger. The news story linked below was printed about a month after the December 13th meeting sponsored by the Forest Service to present their findings regarding areas under consideration for additional Wilderness designation. According to the 2012 Planning Rule, Forest Management Act and the Wilderness Act this analysis, in aid of further Wilderness study, is no mere suggestion but a Congressional mandate. Interesting how another 1.3 million acres have been so thoroughly evaluated as potential Wilderness in just a few short months.

Ultimately this whole pony show will end in a decision by one man, the Salmon-Challis Forest Supervisor. The decision based upon a whole pot of Wilderness values examined, re-examined and then boiled down to the facts of the matter. Facts based on “Best Available Science”, facts that include such settled science as “Anthropogenic Climate Change” and other “science” sponsored by the best spoon-fed eco-alarmism money can buy. How simple! Ultimately the Forest Supervisor sends his recommendation to Congress where Idaho has 2 of 435 votes in the House, one of said votes from the senior Idaho congressman who locked up the Boulder-White Clouds. This is where the blessings of our Republic, working hard to protect life, liberty, and property, will be deliberated. What could possibly go wrong?
Not to worry though, your comments are welcome by the Forest staff where your concerns will be taken seriously along with 20 million other stakeholders who live well beyond the bounds of Idaho. Don’t forget to let them know how you feel before you can’t say any more by mid-February.….

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