How to high bank for gold

Why High Banking?

There is gold all over the United States, the only problem is getting it. The technology of mining has improved over the years. Traditional panning was replaced with sluicing, and now sluicing has been greatly improved with high bankers. High bankers are an improvement over normal sluice boxes with their ability to easily filter out rocks, and work away from the initial source of water.

What Is A High Banker

A high banker is a device attached to the top of sluice boxes or dredges; designed to allow the easy deposit and filtration of large amounts of source material.

  • Top Loading Hopper – The main body of the high banker containing a grizzle, and sprayer nozzles.
  • Grizzly – A series of sloped bars contained within the hopper which filters out the larger rocks and allows the gravel to fall down into the sluice or dredge
  • Water Pump & Engine – Spray nozzles are placed inside the hopper to spray the gravel forward through the sluice box or dredge. This spraying action is quite useful when mining for gold flakes away from a large water source. Even near a water source these sprayers greatly increase the effectiveness of the sluice box

Tips On How To High Bank

High banking for gold is as simple as shoveling buckets of source material into the hopper, but there are some tips that make the job much easier.

  • Use an air filter – High banking produces a lot of dust. This can clog up your engine reducing its lifespan; an air filter can reduce this risk.
  •  Change your oil – High banker engines normally do not have an oil filter. Change your oil after five hours when you are first breaking in an engine. After the engine is broken in, it is recommended you change it every 25 hours. Using only 30w detergent oil.
  • Fill the gas – Always having the gas tank full reduces the risk of condensation forming in the tank.
  • Use the minimum amount of hose – Use the minimum amount of hose needed to reach the water. It is better to have 2 or 3 tiny hoses than a single larger hose.
  • Watch the water speed – The speed of the water in the sluice box should form a small bubble over the riffles. If the water is to fast it will literally wash the gold away
  • Go slow – If you load the material too quickly it will cause the gold to travel further down the sluice with the gravel, making it more likely to lose gold.
  • Watch the grizzly – When the bigger rocks are filtered out by the grizzle occasionally nuggets will bounce out.
  • Ribbed carpet – Use ribbed carpet along with miners moss to catch finer gold.
  • Garden hose – Attaching a movable garden hose to the hopper will allow you to spray down areas that are not receiving enough water flow.

Following these simple tips will help you get the most gold when you high bank.

Pick The Right Location

Finding the right location to stake a claim is the best way to ensure your high banking is efficient.  There are many places to mine, but finding a place with a high concentration of gold is essential.

The higher the concentration of gold, the higher your chance is of striking it rich. Testing each potential location, instead of claiming the first one, will increase your chances.

Another great way to find the best mining spots is to join a gold club. Gold clubs will provide you with expert advice, and can inform you of areas that have recently been mined out.

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