How about some good news?

As most of you know by now, AMRA represents miners (when we have the funds) who are wrongfully cited by government agencies, are harassed by the same agencies and are being told they need permits to do one thing or another.


In 2014, two men were cited in CA for dredging without a permit.  AMRA, at no cost to the miners, hired an attorney, formulated the defense and took the case to court.

We are pleased to announce today that this case was dismissed this afternoon!

Join us in celebrating this great victory.

3 thoughts on “How about some good news?

  1. Congratulations AMRA!! Please accept another donation in support of the association’s hard earned success. I also would like to encourage others to donate, as well as wish everyone a peaceful holiday season.
    Bob Foresti

  2. Thanks Shannon,Stacy,Jeff,Marland for all your help. TSS is printing a nice article about our experience for their newsletter and I will send you a copy. Jon Cunningham-San Diego

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