Gold nuggets and Agenda 21 part 2

Gold Nuggets and Agenda 21 (Part Two)

By Jean N. Perlot

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2009.  Barack Hussein Obama was elected and he appointed Agenda 21 Ken Salazar to Secretary of the Interior.  The very same Agenda 21 Ken Salazar who stated this:

Ken Salazar at Occidental College:

“It will also be a catalyst, in my view, for a new conservation agenda for the 21st century. Because it’s important as we look at the Gulf of Mexico to date, to remember and to recognize that as we take from the earth, it’s important to return something back to the earth. And we in the United States have not done that for a very long time.”

What is Agenda 21? According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.  Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction.  Social Equity (Social Justice) Social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.” Redistribution of wealth.  Private property is a social injustice since not everyone can build wealth from it. National sovereignty is a social injustice. Universal health care is a social justice. All part of Agenda 21 policy.  In short, Agenda 21 does not believe in individual wealth, personal accountability, personal property and the believers would rather we all live in stacked housing with 10 roommates, ride bicycles to our Government jobs and are dictated exactly how we should live and lead our lives from birth to death.

Here is an example of what Salazar is doing under the direction of Obama.  GW Bush opened up over a million acres of public lands to uranium mining; Obama immediately closed the million acres to mining:

Salazar, with his Agenda 21 pocket guide decided to take up the fight against the dredges again.  He forced, once again, the DFG to perform yet another study to prove once and for all that the miners kill anadramous fish.  During this time, a moratorium was placed on all dredging to stop immediately and not begin until the survey was completed.  Two years later, that’s right TWO YEARS later the study was completed and low and behold, the results were the same, we HELP salmon, not hurt them, we remove mercury and help habitat.  Part of me believed I could actually hear Salazar (in his best arch enemy voice) ” saying “Damn, foiled again”.  California is broke, well actually we’re beyond broke.  This moratorium on dredging has been calculated to cost the California economy over $365 Million per year, each year, every year the moratorium is in effect.  Entire communities which relied on the miners during May to October (dredge season) to give their restaurant, their hardware store, their gas station or their local grocery store their money and business are deeply feeling the impact of this moratorium.

Nancy Pelosi

With the possibility of allowing the miners to go back to dredging they had to then go to plan C.  LIE.  They contacted a few Liberal Progressive lawmakers in Sacramento and had them introduce a provision attached to the spending bill which outright lied about the statistics of the costs of dredge permits which are used for enforcement and the overall program.  The politicians stated because DFG only charges $21.00 for a permit, the program had to be shut down because it didn’t cover the cost of the entire program.  The last time they charged $21.00 was in the early 80’s.  As of 2009, the last date dredge permits were issued, they were charging $43.00 and the program was fully funded.  When the miners brought up the fact that 30 year old statistics were used to make the program look like it wasn’t funded, theye were shunned and told it was too late to submit any kind of correction.  This instituted an additional 4 year moratorium on suction dredging for gold which is set to expire in 2016.  Plenty of time to plan the next lie, falsehood, or lawsuit based on a non-existent salamander or red-eared, curly tail Pelosi which needs to be protected.


In addition, Salazar has a new trick up his sleeve to keep us from mining.  Close as many of the PUBLIC roads as he can, as quickly as he can.  Just one month ago, a mining partner was working down in the canyon on one of my claims and when he came back to his truck, there was a warning ticket from the Dept. of Forestry on his windshield for accessing a “closed” road along with a NEW map of recent road closures.  He provided me a copy of the map, which according to the Dept. of Forestry was just sent to them by “the folks in D.C.”.  Not only did it close over half of our roads, the map was poorly put together and had misspelled road names.  This shows just how quickly they sent this out and are enforcing the closures.  Numerous gates have been put up to keep the public from their own lands, numerous gates.  They are denying many, many miners the right to make a living by accessing and working their claims.

Salazar also forced the DFG, with input from the Radical Environmentalists to rewrite the dredge regulations.  Here is but a small sample:

1)       Dredge times are from 10am to 4pm (as opposed to anytime previously).  Not even banker’s hours.

2)       A report card must be kept current at all times of where and when dredging is completed for future inspections of potential environmental damage.

3)       If a rock is to be removed from the stream, an “ON SITE INSPECTION” must be completed by a DFG agent before moving the rock.  Our best estimation on how long it would take to have a DFG agent out to inspect our claims, which are miles from the nearest road is approximately….when hell freezes over.

4)       Dredge sizes have been reduced to 4”, half of what was previously allowed.

5)       The number of dredge permits has been reduced to 2000, (substantially less than half of the number of licensed dredge permit holders than in 2009, well over 4000).  Which means over half of the people who own dredges and have purchased permits in the past will not be allowed to dredge at all.

6)       A fuel collection system must be installed on all suction dredges in case of catastrophic failure of the tank system.  This will require every single dredge in the state to be re-engineered or one cannot use them.

7)       Foliage cannot be removed from any stream area without having an “ON SITE INSPECTION”.

8)       Failure to follow the rules and regulations may result in confiscation of equipment, fines and even imprisonment.

Sure, once the Radical Environmentalists wrote the new regulations with DFG, there was an “input” period where the miners could submit letters, that’s right, letters, not public meetings, stating our concerns and changes we’d like to see to the new regulations.  Gee, I wonder what happened to all those letters we wrote?  NOT ONE regulation was changed to our knowledge, not one.

So here we are, April of 2012 and we have been shut down now for nearly 3 years with 4 more to go.  All based on lies, all based on control.  The General Mining Act of 1872 was created so ordinary citizens could locate and file a claim on Federal PUBLIC lands to obtain the minerals therein, minerals such as gold, silver and platinum.  Public lands, lands in which we, the public own.  The last time I checked, we still owned them, but then I haven’t checked the latest Friday night document dump by the White House, so perhaps I’m not up on the latest Executive Order #859,745,296 signed by Obama declaring our public lands as his own private property now.

The latest coming from the Progressives and Radical Environmentalists is that miners use cyanide, strychnine and other deadly chemicals.  Of course we don’t but that doesn’t stop them from trying to have Salazar create “buffer zones” around National Forests and National Parks like Yosemite.  They want a 50 mile buffer around the park where no claims can be filed or mining can commence.  Think it is a coincidence that young Parker Schnabel from the hit TV series “Gold Rush Alaska” had the first Government inspection of his mine in 27 years and they shut him down?  No, there are no coincidences here.  It has never been about salmon, program funding or poisons.  It is, has been and will be about CONTROL, that and a little agenda, one called #21.


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  1. I suspected that the radicals in our government were going to continue to chip away at the America of our fore-fathers….but I am shocked at what the provisions of Agenda 21 encompass. We must find a way to stop them from destroying America!!!!

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