Are you sick of what is happening in California? Over-regulation, closing roads and public lands? Join our protest!

California protest on over-regulation, road closures and the suction dredge prohibition:

Walk A Mile In Our Shoes…….

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For a few months now we have been discussing holding and coordinating a significant peaceful protest in California (state capital) over the destructive over-regulation of not just suction dredging for small-scale miners, but road closures and establishing new “off-limits areas” which affect hunters, hikers, campers, off-roaders and others who use public lands.

AMRA is going to walk the entire length of highway 49 from Oakhurst to Vinton CA in protest. We are going to live broadcast here on Facebook each day, every day and multiple times a day. We are going to interview (on camera) businesses all along this 300 mile walk on how California’s policies are hurting the rural communities and impacting their towns. We are going to talk to miners, off-roaders and anyone else wanting to voice their displeasure with the direction of how our politicians seem hell-bent on keeping us from doing what we love, and in many instances have a fundamental right to do. We are then going to take all these documented stories and deliver them to the capital on their behalf.

We are encouraging and asking that county supervisors, sheriff’s, county commissioners, farmers, ranchers, off-roaders, hikers, campers, state representatives, senators and those who represent the public “walk a mile in our shoes” with us and tell us what THEY are going to do as representatives to stop this insanity.

Immediately upon completion of this 295 mile walk (yes, walking) we will have a huge gathering at the state capital to show the politicians we are in fact a large group of their constituents and we are not happy. Farmers, ranchers, public land users, Jeep clubs, hunting groups, fishing groups, ATV riders…all of us who are sick of this should participate. You need to SHARE this with those who are as fed up as you.

Following that protest at the capital, we will walk 4 blocks to the California Water Board and express our displeasure at their delay (now over 3 years) of them not releasing the “draft proposal” to permit suction dredging as a part of the mandate in Senate Bill 637 (SB637). The CAWB has in fact admitted suction dredging “should be permitted”, but politics keep stopping this program.

Road closures, regulating mud puddles, rain gutters, blocking the public from using their lands and requiring permits so onerous as to serve as a complete prohibition on activities.

So, we have a question for you; ARE YOU SICK OF THIS YET?

If so, are you willing to join us at the state capital in a few months to show the politicians they work for us? We are looking at a date in June currently and will be announcing it shortly.

We are working with some folks at the capital on a date and obviously, you have to get a “PERMIT” to even exercise your 1st Amendment right.

The question is….are you with us? If so, click share and let’s see just how many are willing to stand up and say ENOUGH.

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  1. Great idea guys. I would do my best to show up in Sac. I hope you guys aren’t walking 49 in the heat of summer.


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