Day: April 22, 2019

Are you sick of what is happening in California? Over-regulation, closing roads and public lands? Join our protest!

California protest on over-regulation, road closures and the suction dredge prohibition: Walk A Mile In Our Shoes……. Please SHARE this post. For a few months now we have been discussing holding and coordinating a significant peaceful protest in California (state capital) over the destructive over-regulation of not just suction dredging for small-scale miners, but road […]

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Bohmker v Oregon – Everything you need to know

Miners, this is a very, very important post.  The Bohmker case in Oregon has extreme potential and ramifications if it gets to the Supreme Court.  We highly encourage you to read this article (link below) written by the GPAA explaining everything you need to know about it.   For the complete article, click Bohmker V […]

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