Are you a serious miner?

Serious dredgers…………

We met some folks at the show in Pomona this past weekend who are as serious about dredging as we are.

They are Gold Fever Prospecting out of Chicken Alaska.

Picture taken directly from their website

This is a family who moved from Grass Valley CA, sold everything and opened an amazing dredge camp and facility in Alaska. Cabins, all inclusive and you can book 2 week dredge trips up there and use their dredges on their more than 10 miles of claims. Sounds like many of the folks who do go up there pay for their trip with the gold they recover.

4″, 6″, and we’ve heard even larger dredges are available for use. No kidding!

We are looking very, very seriously at these folks, we encourage you to as well.  We are not getting anything from them for promoting them, we just want to recognize something amazing when we see it, and this camp is the one.

Here is a link to their website and also their Facebook page:

Gold Fever Alaska website

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