An important update on what we’re working on

We are back from our vacation now and ready to get back to work on some major issues on our plate:
USFS and Italian Bar disaster. We sent a certified letter along our partners, Blue Ribbon Coalition demanding answers on why the USFS doesn’t clear this designated recreation area from the trash and squatters keeping the public from using their lands. It is in fact their responsibility and we expect an answer very soon.
We are reviving the USFS and BLM Accountability Act we created a few years ago…which was stopped by Nancy Pelosi shutting down travel to Washington DC. With the political landscape looking like it is going to drastically change this November, it is time to focus on getting this passed. Simply put, if someone within one of these agencies is violating someone’s rights, working outside the scope and course of their employment, they can be terminated, lose their pension and never work in public service again. This was modeled after the Veterans Administration Accountability Act which resulted in a dramatic culture change within the agency during the Trump administration. Thousands of employees were terminated under this act for mistreating veterans or other misdeeds.
We are still helping dozens of miners right now who have problems with USFS and BLM in a variety of states which are just plain denying them the fundamental right to mine their claims. This never ends and we believe the Accountability Act will certainly impact these ideologues. In the mean time, we are very actively trying to get them mining and man is this a challenge in Montana.
We are in the penalty phase on the lawsuit from the radical environmental group out of Idaho. They sued AMRA President Shannon Poe for dredging on his mining claim in Idaho with a valid, approved Idaho dredge permit…but believe since he didn’t obtain a $35.00 EPA “POLLUTION discharge permit” (BTW dredges don’t pollute) he should pay upwards of $2,000,000.00 in fines. The Obama appointed judge did not allow much testimony, witnesses nor a true defense, he just ruled in favor of the political group which he obviously aligns with. More about this to come…
We have another outing coming up in a few weeks at our claim called the Contender out of Paso Robles/San Luis Obispo on May 14th and 15th. We’ll post more about this including directions as we approach that date. It’s free to the public and one does not need to be a member to attend. We’ll be giving away thousands of dollars of prizes at this outing!
We are looking at a implementing training program for Off Roaders in Utah on how to prospect, mine and then file mining claims. This may take off into a training program which we spread across the states.
We’ve been editing now…off and on for two months on our video series “How to file a mining claim”. This is a comprehensive video on how to locate, file, mark, maintain and keep an active mining claim. It also includes how to navigate the BLM MLRS on-line system, Master Title Plat lookups and all pertinent information. This is a tough one to edit, but it will be awesome for those who want to find and file their own claims instead of risking buying a crappy claim off Craigslist or from someone untrustworthy.
We could go on……but as you can tell, we are pretty busy and do not intend on slowing down.
We sure appreciate your support and remember, AMRA has over 80 mining claims in 8 states and for a donation of a tax-deductible $200, you get unlimited access to all these claims with no additional forms, permissions or BS. Join, go mine, keep the gold. It’s that simple. If you’d like to join or make a simple donation of $5, $10, or $20 click on “join us” on our home page.
AMRA staff.

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