4th Annual AMRA Fundraising Dinner in Merced

For the past 5 years AMRA, American Mining Rights Association, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization has tirelessly fought FOR YOU against significant challenges with the never ending assault on small mining and public land use all across America.

AMRA has been very gracious in giving time, services, energy, products and resources to all of you in the mining and public land use community. We provide free outings to the public, panning lessons, speaking events, representation for disputes with agencies, financial help with legal matters, and attend numerous Gold Shows. Shannon Poe, the president, tirelessly spoke at over 40 engagements this year about public land use and educating the public on what their rights are.

On average he fields, no less than, 20 requests weekly now for help from someone, somewhere in the United States whom an agency is attempting, or actually is, taking away their fundamental rights on public lands. Shannon has surrounded himself with nearly 20 trusted board members and advisors that additionally donate there time and energy to support AMRA.

We rarely ask for donations as it really isn’t in our blood to ask. So we create fund raisers to generate revenue we need to continue with the incredible work that AMRA does on a daily basis. This revenue is guaranteed to go right back into the mining and public land use communities. Plan to attend our unique fundraiser dinner to show your support of AMRA.

Jim Hamilton

Paid cash at the Vegas show.

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