Day: September 4, 2018

Challenging Obama’s WOTUS rule

WOTUS, Waters of the United States was a horrendous over-reach by the previous administration and an attempt by the EPA to take over every mud puddle, rain gutter and ditch in America.   It is being challenged by many states, as it should be. For the complete article, click: Farm bureau fights to stop 2015 […]

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Forest fires….is it mismanagement or climate change?

Two weeks ago, when Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proclaimed: “I’ve heard the climate change argument back and forth,” Zinke told the Sacramento-based KCRA. “This has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with active forest management.” The virtue-signaling back-lash was deafening, and yet contained little to no actual scientific evidence that ‘climate […]

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