Day: June 30, 2015

Opposition to the scheme that is SB637 in CA

Once again, we are writing a letter on behalf of all AMRA members and supporters in opposition to SB637, another scheme by the Democrats to create another suction dredge “effective ban” in California.  We all need to take a few minutes and write a letter in opposition to this.  Just having AMRA write one on […]

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Mariposa County CA trying to ban mining on private land

Recently, AMRA was contacted by a Mariposa County Supervisor concerning a “CUP” a Conditional Use Permitting scheme concocted by the radical, liberal Supervisor Rosemarie Smallcombe.  The proposal is being brought forth by MERG, another radical enviro group based out of Mariposa.  Coincidentally……..listed on the Board of Directors of MERG: Rosemarie Smallcombe:  B.A., University of California, […]

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Pacific Legal Foundation files amicus brief in Rinehart case

This is a good article and one all suction dredgers should read.  The Rinehart case is going to be pivotal in the fight to retain suction dredge rights in California.   For the link, click HERE

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