16 hours ago
Stay-at-home orders lifted for all California regions

It is a miracle folks. With the inauguration of Joe Biden, the Chinese virus has been defeated.

Feel played yet?

Stay-at-home orders for all regions across California have been lifted, the California Department of Public Health said Monday.

1 day ago
Weather Model Forecasts 365 Inches of Snow in Sierra Over 10 Days

Kinda makes us wonder if the software for this weather model was created by Dominion...

One meteorologist pulled a weather model that showed 365 inches over the next 10 days in the Sierra Nevada.

3 days ago
MLF Postpones Upcoming Shasta Events - Major League Fishing

Apparently the USFS believes the Chinese virus is safe for up to 120 miles.....but definitely a big no for traveling past 120 miles to this tournament.

We've been trying to unite with the fishing ... See more

MLF announced today the postponement of three tournaments scheduled for Jan. 28-31 on Lake Shasta in Redding, California.

4 days ago
Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Mandating Masks on Federal Property

One of the 17 executive orders Biden signed on his first day is masks on all "federal property".

We read this as: The 610 million acres of federal property include those managed by USFS and ... See more

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday to mandate all individuals in the United States wear masks on federal property.

5 days ago
Tragic! Federal Government Bans Conservative Laura Loomer from Owning Guns

Sitting here this morning drinking coffee with the generator running because of the recent storm and power lines down everywhere, we read article after article talking about how terrible America is. ... See more

Laura Loomer was right. In October former Florida Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer slammed Republican party leadership for ignoring tech censorship of conservatives. Loomer, perhaps ... See more

6 days ago

We thank the President of the American Mining Rights Association, (Shannon) for being at our January meeting. He presented a very informative talk on our rights as miners and what the American Mining ... See more

6 days ago

We drove from the central valley to Reno to speak at the northern Nevada/Reno chapter of the GPAA last night. We wanted to thank them for their unity in fighting the tyranny we are witnessing in ... See more

GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno...

6 days ago

We rarely post memes, but this one we found to be pure truth.

1 week ago
Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale … ‘A Lot of the Work That We've Been Doing Over the Last Week is Work That We’ve Built on in Other Places…This is Our Global Approach’

Again....we are all going to need alternatives to social media.

Here's why:

Investigating and exposing corruption in both public and private institutions.

1 week ago
US court upholds miners' rights to explore on federal lands - MINING.COM

There are still some judges in America who see through the radical environmentalist agenda and rule on the law as written. Strike up a win for the mining community.

From the article:

The court ... See more

A coalition of environmental groups asked the Court to enjoin and declare invalid portions of two rules issued by the BLM and the DOI.

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