Yet another example of huge enviro money shutting down mining

One of America’s richest environmental groups (they collect more than $10 million per month) is the Natural Resources Defense Council. Their website claims “Science empowers NRDC’s work,” but the NRDC is run by lawyers, not scientists, and many are anti-progress activists upset about “corporate greed.”

NRDC spokesman Bob Deans told me that the NRDC isn’t anti-progress — it just wants the “right” kind: “Wind turbines, solar panels … this is what the future needs.”

“But we also need copper and gold,” I said.

“Well, that’s right,” he replied. “But we have to weigh those risks.”

“Are there some mines where NRDC says, ‘Go ahead!’?” I asked.

After thinking for a while, he said, “It’s not up to us to greenlight mines.”

I asked, “Are there any you don’t complain about?”

“Sure,” he told me. He said he’d send us names. He never did.


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