Yet another attempt by DFG to designate 500,000 acres off limits in CA

DFG, Dept. of Fish and Game has announced its public comment period for listing the Yellow Billed Cuckoo as “threatened/critical” and make over 1/2 a million acres off limits in the west.

Of note is the map shown here which has one tiny little dot on it for California, yet they intend to designate 500,000+ acres of critical habitat.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo US range
Yellow Billed Cuckoo US range


The only way to combat this never ending assault on our public lands is to speak out.  There is a public comment period which ends January 12, 2015 and unless they receive more comments in opposition than they do in favor, this entire swath of public lands will be listed as critical habitat and will affect hunting, fishing, hiking, mining, camping and most other outdoor activities we all enjoy.

We must unite and speak out against this.  Click on the enclosed link below and send your letter today expressing your opinion.


3 thoughts on “Yet another attempt by DFG to designate 500,000 acres off limits in CA

  1. Yellow-Billed Cuckoo does not need 500,000 acres to survive in California.

    Please do not take away our land for something that has such a small presence in our state. It will effect fishing, hunting, recreation, etc. which in turn will hurt our local economy. Another dumb piece of legislation by DFG in the name of over-reaction to the Cuckoo!!

  2. It is obvious from the migration map that the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo does not want to live in the hot western United States. Regulators should not use our tax dollars to start trucking Cuckoo Birds, like DFG has tried to transplant salmon in an area they can’t survive (San Joaquin River).

  3. This is getting way out of hand. You can’t tell me that the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo will not breed in this area if a few miners are doing a little prospecting. I think the only one’s Cuckoo enough to believe this is the DFG. It’s time to stop micro-managing what Nature does best on its own.

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