Would you pay for 40 gallons of gas to get 2?

No you wouldn’t. 

This is what the state of California and the Water Resources Control Board are making farmers pay for their water to grow the food we eat. The farmers, in advance… pay for 100% of the water allocated to their farms based on size in acres, then WRCB only gives them 5% of the water….if any. 
It’s why the American Mining Rights Association is doing a “Walk For Water Rights”, to bring awareness to unifying the fight for water rights and to bring this message to everyone.
For decades now the un-elected and appointed bureaucrats in the water agencies have been slowly but surely restricting water use by those who grow our food, mine our minerals and raise our meats. The environmental groups have been suing and settling with these agencies furthering the erosion of water rights and making tens of millions of dollars in the process perpetuating the cycle of corruption. 

We had a conversation with a farmer yesterday who is now forced to cut down 80% of his orchard because the trees do not have water and will die. These are the financial calamities these folks face each year now. 
Many who read these stories will shake their heads in disgust, know that something needs to change then scroll on to the next subject, headline or video. Farmers, ranchers and miners are fiercely independent people, they don’t like to rely on help and rarely ask for it. They work hard, harder than most and do it because they love it, love the way of life, and have integrity most folks seem to lack in today’s society. 

It’s why two men, “Walk For Water Rights” 325 miles in protest of this over-regulation and the intentional destruction of these industries. 25 miles each day from Barstow CA to Oakdale CA. 

Governments in 2021, both at the state and federal level are making independent operators a dying breed. We argue this is by design and it is “death by a thousand cuts” through massive regulatory agencies, never accountable to the people who pay for the agencies, only to the politicians who appoint them. 

We are all now asking for help, help from you to support us by speaking loudly, clearly and without fear that this needs to stop now. To help put pressure on politicians, to get engaged in petitions, town, and county meetings and to scream from the roof tops on social media. 

“Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” This quote by Henry Kissenger is true and the food supply is grown using water. 

It’s not that we have a lack of water in the state, it’s that the water storage facilities are releasing the water into the ocean.  It is because of political ideology and for political power that someone cannot grow oranges, almonds or raise beef cattle. They tell you it’s all about protecting the fish and that is why a miner cannot get gold out of a river, but then they give grants with our tax dollars for politically likeminded folks to dredge a river to create fish habitat where a miner uses the exact same equipment and would do it for free. 
So what do we do? We Fight! 

Fight together. “Their fight is our fight; our fight is their fight”. This is the best way we can sum this up and if we all lived by this, we would wield great power. I’m not a farmer, but I eat their food. I’m not a rancher but eat beef. I’m not a miner, but I use the minerals mined to type on my computer to write this and to watch a college football game on TV. For decades these three groups have fought their fights individually and that needs to change. 
Our rural communities are suffering because of this as well. Small businesses are impacted greatly by the loss of revenue of these three groups. Cafe’s, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, all are feeling financial burdens. College plans are being discarded for kids, retirements are bleak and generationally owned farms and ranches are being lost. Small town America is dying and we all see it. It is saddening and maddening at the same time. 

Fight for our water rights! 

American Mining Rights Association is doing a “Walk For Water Rights” where two men are walking 325 miles in protest of this over-regulation and the intentional destruction of these industries. 25 miles each day from Barstow CA to Oakdale CA. 

The walk begins on October 17th in Barstow and ends October 29th in Oakdale. They will be carrying the American flag on their back and talking to anyone and everyone along the way to tell them how each of these groups are being destroyed and to join the fight. 

Once in the central valley, they are going to interview every farmer to get their story, every rancher to get their story and every miner to get their story of just how this over-regulation is destroying their way of life. Those stories will then become a documentary to further bring people together and into this fight of all of our lives. 

The walk will be broadcast daily on Facebook on American Mining Rights page and shared to many of the Ag groups to track the walk. 
In my lifetime I never thought I’d see what we are seeing today. Our government intentionally destroying the middle class and the core industries that provide for us. 

So we join the fight and “Walk For Water Rights” 
support this walk, share it with another, share it with your groups, share it with your local media and let us fight this together. 

If you wish to make a donation to support this walk and this movement, please go to:

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