What is AMRA working on this year?

What AMRA is currently working on:

We are writing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on the USFS. We aren’t going to say which USFS office we are doing, nor are we going to outline what we are going to FOIA, we’d like that to be a surprise to them. But do know that we will publish what we believe we will find, and that is collusion with environmental groups to shut down mining.

We did a film shoot recently with a TV crew on the story of the Taser/USFS incident and it is going to air shortly, we’ll give you a link and ask you to share it with everyone.

We are planning our activities for 2016, outings, gold shows and dinners. Our December dinner was a huge hit and success, we were able to make some significant donations to Brandon Rinehart and WMA (Western Mining Alliance). It was so successful, we are considering one for June or July. Would you like one this summer? Let us know below.

We are just about ready to add many, many claims to AMRA’s rapidly growing list. Two in Washington State, 3 in California and 11 in Arizona. Yes, 11 in Arizona. And wait until you hear where these are! We are actively working on some So Cal claims and we are also working on some claims in the Mid-West!

We plan on shooting many more mining videos this year and will go a little more in depth about explaining why we dig where we do. There will be more “thinking outside the creek”. We’ve added a new tool to help us film…………..we’ll let that be a surprise. We are going to do more video’s on hard rock mining. We got our Keller mill back (a beast from our dear friend Dave Keller of Keller Industries) and she’s working great so we plan on pulling several tons out of the shaft, crushing it and running it for you to see just how we lode mine.

We’ve just got back up on the mountain and the creeks are flowing. Groveland had over 5 inches of rain since just before Christmas and we are slated for rain all next week.

We are deep into the opposition over in Idaho of this ridiculous and reprehensible attempt to limit the number of dredges on the SF Clearwater and wanted to thank everyone for sending in their own opposition. They need to hear from you, if you haven’t opposed this, click on the link in the post below this one and voice your opposition.

We are continuing to represent small miners all over the west, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. The attacks just keep coming, mostly by the USFS, but also BLM and the EPA.

AMRA is now unquestionably the fastest growing mining advocacy group in the country. We may even be the largest now. Thank you for your support and know we will fight to our death to protect your rights…………..and we won’t back down…..ever.

Oh ya, and we WILL be dredging.

Happy New Year

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  1. I’ll make the dinners. I hope one of those Cliams is in calaveras county. Lol. Keep up the great fight guys.

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