What if we changed our strategy?

Happy Constitution Day. We wanted to pose a few questions…
What if we could all unite in the small mining community and become a powerful force like the NRA?
What if we could all have access to up-to-date information on what is happening with regulations, litigation and other issues?
What if we could get the attention of lawmakers who govern the agencies who are regulating small mining to death?
What if we played offense instead of always playing defense?
What if we could fund lawsuits WE bring against those who try and take our rights away like our opposition?
What if these institutions feared us suing them like the environmental groups?
This past Saturday many of the leaders in the small mining community met for an 8 hour meeting to discuss these very questions.
What we discussed is not just for California, or for Colorado, or Montana, but all states, all clubs, all groups and mining districts.
There is zero question anymore on whether or not certain agencies, politicians and even whole states are trying to destroy small mining and in order for us to fight back, we must change our strategy. For nearly two decades the small mining community has played defense and if you look at the record of that defense in court, it is abysmal.
We are going to announce a new miners summit like we’ve done in the past to discuss and round table these ideas with others. Clubs, individual miners, associations and mining districts.
The upcoming meeting(s) will be announced shortly and the first of these is already slated for October 20th.
Stay tuned……

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