What AMRA is working on….

What is AMRA working on?

We thought we would bring everyone up to speed on what we are working on.

We are extensively researching the EPA on whether or not they possess the power to “regulate the pollutant discharge” from a suction dredge.  Most will know we have a member in Washington who was threatened ($50,000 fine and imprisonment) on his claim in Idaho by the EPA for failing to have a permit for the discharge.  This story has new information and we are working on a public piece which will uncover the truth about this incident(s) and it will both anger and surprise every reader.  Exhaustive research must be done to provide the facts and a solid picture as to their agenda to stop all small miners in the country.

We are actively trying to obtain claims in Arizona in preparation for the Mesa gold show January 18 and 19.  This entails more exhaustive research because, as you all know, we don’t just pick up claims to say we have claims.  They must be the best of the best for AMRA.  We lost our help for this show, so the AMRA President is on his own for this trip.  We plan on going down the week prior to the show and mining the several locations we have found which are promising.  Load up the truck, trailer, tent and mining gear and head to the desert.  Long, lonely trip, but absolutely crucial if we want to expand and truly unite the mining community.

We want to thank everyone for stepping up recently with some donations and new memberships; we were deeply concerned we would not even have the money to go to the Arizona show this year.  THANK YOU.

We are working daily on some claims here in CA and have two we will be adding shortly.  To be honest, prior to the formation of AMRA, all we did is mine and were constantly looking for claims for ourselves.  I can tell you guys, there are some claims out there right now others have let go which I would give my left arm for……..they are THAT good but we just don’t have the money.  This current Administration changed the fee structure on filing new claims in September of 2012.  What used to cost $165.00 for a 160 acre claim now costs $1250.00 for that same claim.  No kidding.  It takes 7 new members to purchase just one of these new claims.

We are trying to promote PLP the best we can as Jerry needs money to continue the fight on the suction dredge moratorium in California.  You all know how close we are with PLP and really hope you support them or us or both.  Jerry is a great resource for us and we are lucky to have this alliance.

We are also researching the Travel Management Plan and what options we have in the Stanislaus National Forest since today marks the day they close nearly 80% of our roads to “protect us” from those evil slippery gravel roads due to rain we don’t have and to protect the environment from the damage driving on those closed gravel roads would cause.  This is a big issue and part of a larger agenda all pre-planned and being implemented nation-wide.  There will be much to follow on this topic as it affects most of the CA gold groups and prevents them from accessing their claims, ours included.  We will be public on this issue and won’t be locked out of our own claims.

We finally got our website fixed.  It was costly and time consuming, but it was a must.  We had severe problems with using Paypal and have switched to another payment gateway which is more reliable and does not require creating a special account. We need to thank Marti, our VP of Operations for taking this issue on single handedly and fixing the problem…….it was giving all of us (more) grey hair.

We are trying to produce many, many more videos of prospecting and mining as, since posting these on some gold forums, have really taken off and brought exposure to our fight.  We have received emails from all across the country asking for more and more.  We hope to actually shoot some video today as we will be mining a new area.  Today’s video will be metal detecting a wash (and running test pans) which feeds a gold rich creek and we know the source (very rough gold found in the creek) comes from one of these washes. Our videos can be found on YouTube by simply typing “American Mining Rights Association” in the search tab and on our website under the tab “videos”.  Please share these videos with everyone as we produce them for every miner to enjoy and learn from.

We try to attend every gold club outing and meeting we can to talk about what is happening to our industry, our passion and bring more visibility to our fight.  This takes a lot of time and it is difficult to drive all over the state to inform people.  Every time we speak at one of these public meetings, it shocks people as to the extent of what our own Government is doing to stop small miners.

Every week, hours are dedicated to making calls to Senators, Representatives and Sheriff’s all across the nation to garner support for the rapid destruction of our rights.  It is getting increasingly more difficult to be “represented” by our government.  Most officials seem more concerned with driving an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into something it was never intended to be and what our forefathers warned us about.

We subscribe to “alerts” on a variety of topics which requires no less than an hour per day, every day on the news in our industry.  This is what provides you, the member and follower with the news we read each day on the destruction of our rights by the very entity who is supposed to protect our rights and not take them away.

We have floated the idea of a PSA video, a public service announcement on a monthly basis.  This would be a short video (maybe 15 minutes in length) produced monthly which a small miner could pull up, watch and know precisely what AMRA is working on, what is happening in the country, where PLP is on the lawsuits and what needs to be done by you.  We hope this is something you are interested in.

We also mine.  We are not rich folks and have our own bills to pay.  Imagine spending 50+ hours a week for AMRA and whatever is left has to go to making money to pay your own bills. 

All of our time is donated to the cause and to this very day we can honestly say we have not been paid one penny to do anything we do for AMRA and you, not one penny. 

So excuse us if we don’t post daily on our Facebook page, we are pretty busy folks and time is running out.  Never before in our lifetime have we witnessed such a dire point in our country’s history………..and unless we absolutely unite, and now, we will lose what we have and what we should be able to leave to our next generation.

AMRA, we truly are fighting every single day for your rights.  Join us, be a part of something that does make a difference.


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