What a weekend with the Veterans!

What a weekend with the Veterans on our AMRA claim!

We want to thank all of the Veterans who selflessly put their butts on the line for all of us who enjoy our freedoms today. I think there was more lead in these guys bodies than was in the area where people shoot down by the river…………  We’d like to thank PLP for donating the access to this claim.

We plan to host many, many more of these outings in the future.

We would also like to thank the Reno GPAA Chapter and their members who showed up and helped out this past weekend dig up over an ounce of gold which was equally divided amongst the Veterans. Every spec of gold which was recovered this weekend went to the Veterans.

Everyone had a ball, nobody got hurt, stories were told, bellies were filled, people got wet, suntans and smiles were everywhere.

We want to share an example of just how much our Veterans are valued, not just by us and the GPAA, but the locals of Sierra City CA and a little cafe called The Red Moose Cafe.

John and I went and had lunch at this small cafe in Sierra City Friday before the outing, The Red Moose Cafe and Inn. While we were eating some excellent fish and chips, we told them AMRA was hosting an outing to thank our vets. Little did we know, the owners of the cafe spent hours in their kitchen after they closed baking cupcakes for these brave men and brought them down to our claim with ice cream the next day where they stood there and served these heroes. We did not ask them to do this, and frankly had no idea they were going to do this.

Please folks, if you ever get to Sierra City, just two miles from our claim, stop by, thank Jen, Sandy and Steve for their kindness, their generosity and their devotion to our Veterans. Have a great lunch and join us in supporting this local business.

We have a full schedule coming up and will be heading to Seattle (Olympia) this next weekend for the Olympia Gold and Treasure Show. The week after that, John heads to Idaho for the Occupy event with the Crossman team to stand in opposition to the EPA and their unconstitutional power grab over our waters. We’ll be speaking in Boise, then on to our claim on the Clearwater in Idaho to dredge in opposition again to the EPA.

The New 49’ers,  and PLP (leading the litigation) are meeting with Judge Ochoa in about a week to push for injunctive relief against the DFG here in CA and hopefully we will be back in the water soon. PLP is also working on the Godfrey case (looks like it will go to the 9th circuit) and as always, WMA is working on all these issues behind the scenes. Thanks guys, we appreciate your fighting for all the rights of the small miners.

We have a few new videos in the can, but don’t know if we will get the chance to have them edited and up before next week. Stay tuned on that.

Red Moose Cafe and Inn:


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