We’ve been busy…

We’ve been pretty busy lately……

Last week, we spoke at the Modesto Houndsmen’s meeting to bring unity to the destruction of our public lands and the use of those lands.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we were in the mountains outside of San Luis Obispo hosting a joint outing with the Central Coast Prospectors, back to Coulterville Monday and last night we attended the re institution of the Mariposa Mining District out of Fresno.

Friday we will be heading down to Brea in So Cal to host the Miner’s Meeting with WMA, Robert Guardiola and the GPAA. We have very few seats left for Brea, but have spaces left for Stockton (October 23rd). Information can be found on our website under “meetings/outings” if you would like to attend. It is all about unity and working together to stop this unbelievable tyrannical government we are all witnessing.

We encourage all claim owners to find out about, and participate in the re institution of the traditional mining districts. While not the savior of mining, it will give the miners a “grandfathered” seat at the table with regulatory and management agencies, among other things.

Yes, we have seen times when judges ignore the mining districts, like in Oregon, but with a mining district, you have additional powers that one would not have without them.

Big thanks to Robert Guardiola for hosting the meeting and getting these reorganized.

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