We warned you, now the EPA is going to go after private property water rights.

One thought on “We warned you, now the EPA is going to go after private property water rights.”

  1. Over-regulation by government agencies is reaching all-time high. I would not be suprised to learn that this is part of the Progressive’s Plan to drive farming over-seas the same way they did manufacturing. It would also not surprise me that they will selectively politicize their enforcement, as they did thru the IRS with the 501C3 applications for Tea Party and other Conservative Groups, like AMRA. The Farmers in California are being targeted by State and Federal Government by withholding water thru environmental regulations…Farmer’s farms and ranches are being destroyed by our government’s policies. Even in drought year’s the farmers have always had enough water to get by because of the storage facilities that store the mountain rain water and snow pack runoff. But the Government has been taken over by environmental zealots that have destroyed the useful purposes of our well-planned water storage system. They are destroying the most productive farming area in the world for fruits, nuts, and vegetables. AMERICA better wake up and change this out of control regulation, or we will all be eating the sub-standard food for foreign countries!!!

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