We are removing two AMRA claims

AMRA Members:

PLP informed us today they have decided to remove access to the two claims Jerry Hobbs had donated access to AMRA members. As most of you know, Jerry was a good friend, mentor and Jerry gave AMRA access to assist in getting AMRA the firm place it has in the small mining community.

AMRA has donated thousands of dollars to PLP and while PLP has not financially supported AMRA in anyway, we thank Jerry and PLP for donating the access we had. We are sure our members will be saddened by their decision.

Rim Fire and Forest Circus will be removed from AMRA claim holdings.

One thought on “We are removing two AMRA claims”

  1. My apologies for not attending the last event. I sure missed all of you!!
    What the hell?
    What the ****? What happened? Greed? And this is the “Thanks” AMRA receives from them. They must be getting to big for there britches!!
    I go to Forest Circus a lot. I was clueless of this.
    Some AMRA members were at the claim this weekend. No one appeared to have any knowledge of loosing this claim.
    Miner’s sign still says AMRA, so if they don’t change the sign I am not claim jumping correct?
    How do you make members aware of these closures if they have no access to computers or phones? I’m guilty of not checking out the AMRA site on a regular bases.
    I applaud all of you on Occupy 2 in Idaho. Awesome “Job”!!
    When will Occupy 3 happen in Ca.?
    Let me know if I maybe of any assistance!!

    Thank You,
    Jo-Lynn (AKA Jomomma, or Jo Jo

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