We are pleased to announce the Miners Meetings for the 2nd year!

AMRA has long held the belief and has pushed a continued message that unity among the public land use groups is the key to combating the rapidly eroding of our right to use public lands.

Last year, Robert Guardiola, President of Delta Gold Diggers (GPAA chapter in Stockton) partnered with AMRA and we held the Miners Meeting in Sacramento to bring all the small mining community together, talk openly about the problems we face and to provide solutions we can all implement going forward. The meeting was a phenomenal success. This year, we have partnered once again with Robert and Delta but also with WMA, Western Mining Alliance and the GPAA out of Temecula CA.

We are very excited to announce these meetings are now planned and are in the final stages of being announced. This year, unlike last year, the meetings will be held in the greater Los Angeles area and another meeting in Sacramento. Tentative (but semi-firm) dates are October 15th in the L.A. area and October 22nd for Sacramento.

We intend once again to invite all manufacturers in CA of small mining equipment, all retailers, all clubs, associations and groups associated with small mining. Hunters, hikers, miners, campers, fishermen, off-roaders and all those who use our public lands are experiencing closures of public lands at alarming rates. We must join hands, which is why we intend to very actively invite as many of these group representatives to our planned events below.

We can accommodate some independent miners and others.

There is NO cost to attend.

Seats will be limited to just 300 at each venue, so once the meetings are formally announced, we will need an RSVP.

We plan to have several well known guest speakers to talk about what we face today and once again offer sound solutions on how we can keep our public lands open to those who own them.

Unity is the answer.

Stay tuned………….

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