Waters Of The United States (WOTUS)

We have received an overwhelming response to our post yesterday about President Trump’s Executive Order eliminating the WOTUS (Waters Of The United States) power grab by the EPA.
Let’s clear a few things up here;
First, the EPA did not have the Constitutional authority to do this rule in the first place as evidenced by the litigation surrounding this (the EPA lost).
It does not have anything to do with rolling back regulation on keeping clean water.
It does not mean rivers will be on fire and drinking water will have factories dumping acid in it as the nihilists claim.
It changes nothing in the already in place choking regulations the EPA currently has.
It stopped the EPA from requiring that you need to go through a hugely costly permitting process for waters on your own property and stopped them from regulating to death, the non-navigable waterways they had zero authority over. What the EPA did, was attempt to redefine what “navigable” was. Navigable refers to larger bodies of water, not mud puddles, ditches and gutters as they desperately tried to define.
It stopped them from demanding, threatening imprisonment, and $37,500 per day fines for you using the rain collected from your roof if you did not have an expensive study, acquire permits and fill out all their paperwork requirements to collect the rainwater.
Simply put, it stopped a totalitarian agency, which has become incredibly powerful from taking private property rights from the owner of the property.

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