Walk 4 Liberty

Here is our letter going out to each of the 11 counties our protest walk will be traveling through. We will be following up with calls challenging each sheriff and elected county official to walk a mile in our shoes with us.
Greetings Plumas, Sierra, Yuba, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties.
Beginning on August 13th and ending on August 25th a small group of California residents will walk down the entire length of highway 49 to protest the slow, but progressive destruction of our liberties in California. While there will only be one or two walking at any given time, the walk is supported by thousands of other Californian’s fed up with choking regulations, public land closures and industry killing rules by State Agencies. They are tired of being ignored by elected politicians in Sacramento and many, if not most of these supporters are from your county. Farmers, ranchers, hikers, hunters, small-scale miners, campers, off-roaders, fishermen and loggers are fed up. Simply put, California is ignoring federal laws concerning fundamental rights of access, the right to mine minerals on federal mining claims and the right to use public lands as they were intended. They are fed up with our local businesses being forced to close from the highest taxes in America, the loss of dreams of sending their children to college and the slow, but steady decline of our rural communities because of regulatory nightmares.
The walk will culminate with a protest at the state capitol on August 27th at 1pm (yes, we had to get a permit for this too) and with a loud, clear and peaceful voice we will tell the politicians who are supposed to represent us that we do not have confidence in them, are fatigued with special interest influence and are tired of seeing our rural communities destroyed by failed ideology. Most of the counties in the Mother Lode are feeling the impacts of this ideology of regulating everything from plastic straws and grocery bags to how and when we can display the American flag. Allowing people to defecate in our streets, ignoring our veterans and citizens and closing much of our public land access. Our foothill towns are slowly dying and we challenge you, as an elected official to stand up, join this movement and “walk a mile in our shoes”. Come walk with us for a mile, show the support of your constituents behind this and support this peaceful, but powerful movement.
We will be stopping at every single small town, asking residents, business owners and public land users a single question “how has over-regulation affected you, your community and your family and what message would you like us to take to Sacramento for you”. We will be asking for stories and examples of how the loss of these liberties impact their communities. We will be producing a documentary of this march, the protest and the stories and strongly believe this story needs to be told and the economic impacts known. Every 3 miles we will be asking residents to hang signs “over-regulation destroys liberty” and are confident these signs will be the entire length of highway 49, nearly 300 miles of signs.
We challenge you to contact us and come walk a mile with us to show support for all these groups, families, business and citizens who need to know where you stand. We must stand for liberty, or fall for anything.
Dates for the walk in each county:
Plumas August 13
Sierra August 14, 15, 16
Yuba August 16
Nevada August 16, 17
Placer August 17, 18
El Dorado August 18, 19
Amador August 19, 20
Calaveras August 20, 21
Tuolumne August 21, 22, 23
Mariposa August 23, 24, 25
Madera August 25
We eagerly look forward to hearing from you, scheduling your “walk a mile” with us and will be publishing all who support this movement.
Walk 4 Liberty
Facebook: Walk 4 Liberty
(209) 878-3910

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