Video shows hypocrisy of the opposition to suction dredging

We just saw this video we believe Melissa Fernandez produced on the hypocrisy of Senator Allen on mercury collection in CA.

The simple fact they are hypocrites is no surprise to us. They sincerely believe the “ends justify the means”. Meaning, do whatever it takes to stop mining entirely and promote their political buddies………the Sierra Fund.

Sierra Fund has received millions and millions of your tax payer money (from the democrats in the form of grants) to dredge in CA with an inefficient cutter dredge in Lake Combie under the guise they remove mercury. Their dredge removes 84% of the mercury and costs over $7,000 an ounce to remove it. Suction dredges remove 98% of the mercury and generate money in permit fees for the state.

Lets see……….if I owned a donut shop in Sacramento, how cool would it be if the government gave me 7 million dollars to produce my donuts and shut down my competition? This is what we are seeing here folks. Government picking winners and losers. Government ramming their political ideology and agenda down the people’s throat. Government ignoring science, facts, testimony and the will of the people.

It is tyranny.

Well done Melissa, short and to the point.

For the video click

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