USFS Probert makes another move to eliminate public land users from using their lands

We’ve posted many time that mining claim owners have fundamental rights, rights of access, rights to the minerals in the ground and that others like snowmobile users, hikers, campers and hunters have “privileges” to use our public lands.

Well, here is a prime example of yet another USFS move to eliminate one user group from their public lands. Of note is the person actually using the Travel Management Plan to eliminate the snowmobile group. Cheryl Probert, Supervisor of the Nez Perce NF. Probert is also the very same individual who unilaterally restricted the number of dredges used on the SF Clearwater in Northern Idaho down to just 15 with zero scientific reason to do so.

You may recall, I flew to Idaho and met with Probert in August and called her out on a letter produced by her which has been proven to be fraudulent. What Ms. Probert didn’t know…..until now, is that we have had communications with folks in Washington DC on this very topic and her. We’ll leave it at that for now.

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