USFS Letter

Please click the link below to begin your email in opposition to the USFS latest scheme to prevent dredging in some Idaho rivers.

You can modify the body of the message how you see fit. Please refrain from personal attacks, foul language, name calling, and other honest thoughts on the matter. There will be a time for that but initially we just simply need to generate as much polite yet firm opposition as possible.

Email to USFS in the format they require.

If the link does not work for your email client, these are the requirements for the email so the USFS does not reject your email. If you would like us to include you on followup conversations with the USFS about this, please include our support address in the BCC field of your email.

Subject: Comments on Small-Scale Suction Dredging Project
Body: I oppose this proposed project.
Respectfully signed

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